SAP Quality Award 2016 - BHDT is Silver Winner

As a part of this year's SAP Summit held on April 6th at the Design Center in Linz, BHDT GmbH was honored by SAP Austria with the SAP Quality Award in silver in the Fast Delivery category. There were 30 nominations for one of the coveted Quality Awards chosen from the many SAP projects submitted.

The Quality Award recognizes companies that meet the stringent quality standards of SAP when implementing SAP. Among others, these standards include adherence to the prescribed project duration and budget, the measures taken to ensure the quality of the implementation along with selecting competent, suitable and motivated project members.

Both BHDT GmbH and BFT GmbH (formerly BHDT Profit Center for High Pressure Pumps) were succeeded in converting to SAP in only four months. This reorganization included defining new operating processes, introducing a universally digital document management system along with making numerous adaptations in internal processes. Now both BHDT and BFT are perfectly fit for future developments.

Both the company management and the project management wish to thank all of the staff involved whose high degree of personal commitment enabled a successful conversion to the new ERP system to be made in such a short amount of time. Thanks also goes to Phoron Consulting who, with their outstanding knowledge of SAP and their consulting expertise, provided BHDT with excellent support throughout the entire process.