The High Pressure Piping system in a urea synthesis section and a LDPE plant is a crucial factor influencing the reliability and on stream times of the overall plant. For example high pressure drops, two-phase flow, the corrosive carbamate medium and the hazardous ammonia all deserve proper attention during the engineering phase of any urea project. Proper design philosophies of piping connections and piping support systems are important to avoid leakages and unnecessary shut downs of the plant.

BHDT Service can provide the complete High Pressure Piping Basic & Detailed Engineering of a Grass Root or Revamp project. This includes the High Pressure Piping supports and necessary stress analysis. Basis for BHDT Services work will be the Licensor’s Process Design Package and BHDT

Services will closely co-operate with your (local) contractor.

This will lead to the following advantages:

  • BHDT Service has the Know How & Experience
  • The Engineering Services can be combined
    with Installation Services
  • Single point responsibility for the complete
    High Pressure Piping job
  • Realize the shortest possible project realization.

Although High Pressure equipment items and rotating machines are long lead items, these do not determine the overall project schedule. Many times High Pressure Piping parts determine the overall project schedule as the Material Take Off (MTO) becomes only available at the end of the detailed engineering.

In case BHDT Service provides the engineering, the base material can already be purchased during the preparation of the MTO which will lead to a significant shorter delivery time. In this way the overall project schedule can be reduced by upto six months.