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High Pressure Piping in a high pressure synthesis section of a urea and LDPE plant deserves the Best Quality and Maximum Reliability. A proper installation of High Pressure Piping during the construction phase of a project and certainly during the hectic of a turnaround is not an easy job. Quality assurance of the materials applied, proper alignment, the welding and the piping supports are all critical and directly related to a reliable and safe operation of the plant.

In gas-phase High Pressure Pipelines in the synthesis section of a urea plant one has to pay special attention to apply in a proper way tracing and insulation in order to avoid condensation corrosion and stress corrosion cracking problems.

Good workmanship and experienced welders with the proper welder certificates are a pre-condition to avoid these problems: BHDT Service has these welders available including the proper Welding Procedure Specifications and Procedure Qualification Records for all materials of construction applied in urea and LDPE plants.

... and Maximum Reliability

BHDT Service can offer you the complete High Pressure Piping installation of a Grass Root or Revamp project. These services can be combined with Engineering Services in order to obtain a single point responsibility.

Pre-fabrication of the High Pressure piping in the BHDT shop or at site will assure you of the Best Quality and Maximum Reliability. Further it will save precious time during the turnaround and a shorter turnaround saves significant money. BHDT Service will closely co-operate with (local) contractors.

BHDT’s Installation Services offers you
the Best Quality and Maximum Reliability