Quality and HSE - Policy Statement

  • Fulfilment of customers requirements and their expectations.
  • Improvement of our company to the market leader in our entire product fields by top technology and quality.
  • Complete incorporation of the employees and a continuous training for an optimal fulfilment of their responsibilities.
  • Improvement of processes by definition of quality and HSE objectives and assessment of fulfilment at the end of the business year.
  • Continuous reviews of quality and HSE manual effectiveness including additional works instructions.
  • Continuous improvement of processes by permanent adjustment in all departments.
  • Distribution of relevant information to responsible employees for basis of correct decisions of the management.
  • Reinforcement of business relations to standard sub-suppliers for the advantage of both parties.
  • Close cooperation with customers in the field of research and cost management.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, work-related health hazards, property and environmental damage.

Ing. Dr. Harald J. AICHHORN (General Manager)
Ing. Gerhard WALTL (Quality Manger)